Perks of Used Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have many perks that make them a smart choice. They don’t spew smog-forming exhaust and require far less maintenance than conventional cars. They can be easier to drive in city traffic and they can save owners money on fuel and electricity costs (depending on their provider).

But EVs also have some drawbacks. They can take hours to charge on a Level 2 home charger, and they may take longer at public charging stations, especially in cold weather. They can also lose their range over time, depending on the vehicle’s usage and the climate in which it is driven.

Considering Your Choices: Used Electric Vehicles

For these reasons, it is important to evaluate a used EV carefully before buying one. It is best to buy an EV that has not been in service for more than a year and that still has its battery warranty in place. Ask the seller about its battery health and get a report or onboard diagnostics check from an EV mechanic or dealer. It is also helpful to consider how long you will use it and whether your driving habits are suited for an EV.

Another consideration is that EVs are eligible for several tax breaks. They can qualify for up to $4,500 in federal tax credits, plus some states and localities offer additional incentives. But finding the right ones can be tricky. Jonathan Seiden, a journalist with Recurrent, recently put together a comprehensive guide to help buyers understand the various perks and how they apply to used electric vehicles.

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