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I have developed many programs for different fitness levels and goals. Many of these programs can be used at any training level, but I have focused on a few that are specifically for beginners. The programs are available in PDF form on my Training Plans Page. I also have many more training programs to review. The first program I ever wrote was for beginners. I use it on both men and women, and have a very strong community of people that I work with. I also write for other sites such as Crossfit, Ironman, etc. So I am pretty much a household name with my site and a lot of my clients. This page is a good place to start your reading. The most recent version is 3/3/2015 and is a lot more comprehensive and has new programs. I don't write as much as I used to. You can use the old links in the sidebar and the new ones in the top right of the screen. For the latest version, check back here and click on the "Update" link under the header of the page. The first page has links to the entire site with exercises. The second page is a listing of what's new.

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4 Gauge

4 Gauge

Berat Ochoa

4 Gauge excellent support if you want to optimize your workout performance, but what could be the r...