Cellulite not trustworthy? We clear things up!

1. Aromatherapy Oil

If you have dry skin it is important to have a good aromatherapy oil. This oil does not contain fragrance and is also great for moisturizing and relieving acne.

2. Niacinamide

I am very skeptical about using any topical vitamin A or vitamin C. I personally recommend using niacinamide, which is natural, free from phytates, and is considered a natural antioxidant. Niacinamide is a great source of antioxidants. I think it is one of the most important ingredients of the skin care regimen. It can even prevent wrinkles and promote the growth of the collagen.

The downside: it is often used as a preservative in commercial sunscreen, and has been shown to cause cancer. Also, many people experience irritation and skin irritation when they use it because it is irritating. For a natural and organic alternative to the use of sunscreen, use a vitamin C serum on your face. When is it best? The best time to use niacinamide is when you are doing a lot of skin care routine including applying moisturizer, toner and/or hair care products. You need to apply a moisturizer that is enriched with Vitamin C and has been specifically formulated to contain Vitamin C.

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