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Most of these products are "all natural" and come in many different formulations. There is no single detox product that will make all detoxes go away. I am going to explain how to determine if a particular product is safe and effective.

Please also check out my other pages, and then do your own independent research and decide for yourself.

The Basics of a Detox Detox products can be categorized into three types based on the nature of the detoxification process: Effluvium Effluvium is the most common type of detoxification therapy and is typically administered to individuals who have used narcotics for a long time. Effluvium is essentially a drug detox and will not help you with other health issues. Effluvium is most commonly used in conjunction with Naltrexone. Effluvium is effective in helping users overcome their addiction, and it will not make you physically addicted, but it will make you temporarily abstinent from drug use. If your detox has already been successful with Effluvium, please see the next section for further advice. Effluvium can be administered orally, buccally, or through a naso-pulmonary approach. In the nasal approach, an inhaled drug (e.g. heroin) is inhaled through a nose tube that is connected to a syringe.

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