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  • Mens Titanium Wedding Bands

    Men who live active lifestyles often want a mens titanium wedding bands  that can withstand the wear and tear they put their rings through. While many men choose metals like gold and silver for their durability, mens titanium wedding bands are an excellent alternative. Not only is titanium an incredibly tough metal, but it also…

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  • Protect Your Laptop With a Laptop Sleeve

    A black leather laptop sleeve is one of the best ways to protect your expensive piece of technology. It keeps your device free from dust, dirt and debris that can interfere with hardware performance. It also prevents external contaminants from getting into ports such as the speakers, charging pin and cable jacks. It provides a…

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  • A Shrooms Store Opens in Toronto

    A shrooms store is the latest entry into a grey market for legal drugs that are still illegal in many places. The Toronto shop sells fungi that contain the hallucinogenic chemical psilocybin, and it is among dozens of new sites across Canada. Until now, people looking to buy mushrooms for medicinal or recreational purposes had…

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  • Beautiful T-Shirts For Women

    For the beautiful t shirts, you should know some basics. The seams should be in line with your shoulders and the sleeves should end about half-way up the arm. Longer sleeves make you look bulky and unflattering. The t-shirt should also cover your waistband and fall a few inches below it. Cantinflas Classic T-Shirt By…

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  • How to Make Glass Smoking Pipes

      Glass smoking pipes are made by heating glass tubing with a torch. They are typically 4 to 8 inches long and one inch in diameter. Once the glass has cooled, you should hold it at both ends. Then, bring it toward the torch flame by rotating it quickly and evenly. Rotate it for about…

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