Bike Sheds For Schools

When it comes to bike sheds for schools and staff to cycle to school, schools need more than a set of basic racks. Bike sheds provide a more appealing cycling environment for students and parents, offering shelter from weather elements and theft. They can be custom designed and branded to fit the school’s aesthetic, with optional features like bug hotels and sedum green roofs that also provide education opportunities for students.

We recently worked with Meole Brace Science and Maths College in Leicester who needed additional cycle storage to encourage more of their staff and students to ride to work. With a specialist science and maths focus, the college is committed to promoting healthy lifestyle choices, particularly through cycling.

From Clutter to Order: Why Every School Needs a Bike Shed for a Greener Future

The cycle storage solution we opted for was our Cyclo City covered bike shed, which is specifically designed to meet the requirements of secondary schools. The school wanted a secure, enclosed space to store bikes and they had a particular requirement for two-tier racks that would accommodate the large number of pupils who ride to school.

To ensure the security of bikes, the shelters were fitted with locking gates and we recommended installing bike locks for students to use. The cladding was chosen to be in keeping with the school’s colour scheme, which helps to make the shelters look smart and professional. We even installed a lockable door for the entrance so that only those with access could enter the bike sheds.

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