Interior Designer Vs Decorator

The line between interior designer vs decorator is often blurred. That’s partially because many services that allow clients to work virtually with a “designer” over uploaded photos and software renderings use the term to mean decorating suggestions only. And partly because the responsibilities, requirements and earning potential for both jobs are very different.

Which is better interior designing or interior decorating?

The most important difference is that designers take on both the form and function of a space, including planning structural changes and working with contractors on new builds or major remodels. Decorators, on the other hand, focus exclusively on aesthetic decorating. They’re great for a simple refresh like a room makeover with new furnishings, painting and re-upholstery.

Both types of professionals can help you create a functional, visually appealing interior but it’s important to understand the differences between them and know what they offer before hiring one for your next project. In the end, choosing the right professional largely depends on the skills of the individual, not the job title.

If you’re considering a substantial renovation, an interior designer is the better choice to make sure the plans are sound and structural changes are implemented as intended. On the other hand, if you need to redecorate or simply update your style, an interior decorator would be a more affordable option. They can make your space feel fresh and modern, without the need for a construction crew to change the building’s physical structure. They also tend to work more directly with homeowners or business managers than designers do. Decorators may also work with furniture makers, painters and other industry professionals.

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