The Scooby Snack Mushroom

scooby snack mushroom

The scooby snack mushroom is a fun way to enjoy magic mushrooms with a variety of herbs, supplements and other ingredients. A great replacement for drugs like ecstasy, this blend offers mild hallucinations, flowing energy, deep thinking, and some cool visual effects. It is also non-addictive and has zero hangover effect. Taking 4-6 capsules will deliver an exhilarating night of fun, without any negative side-effects.

The psilocybin in the scooby snack mushroom blend is known for its anti-depressant and psychedelic properties. It can improve mood and increase feelings of compassion, gratitude, and well-being. It can also promote a sense of spirituality and connectedness to the world around you.

These scrumptious capsules contain a mix of 250mg of psilocybe cubensis, plus herbal supplements such as Ginkgo biloba, Bee pollen, Spearmint, and Ginseng. They are a perfect choice for enhancing activities in nature, camping, concerts, music festivals, and social settings. These caps are tasteless and easy to regulate dosage.

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To make your own scooby snack mushroom, you can use large gel caps (size 00-0) or smaller ones. Ensure that the cap can fit all of your desired ingredients, and weigh them on a scale to measure them accurately. You will need a precise amount of each ingredient to achieve your desired effect.

The ingredients in this recipe are carefully chosen for their specific qualities. Lemon balm has calming and digestive effects, while guarana has caffeine-like properties and boosts alertness. Asian ginseng has many health benefits and provides an added energy boost.

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