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Where can i buy grip socks | GAIN THE EDGE are socks designed with an added traction layer on the sole of the sock. They are perfect for fitness, Pilates, yoga, barre, martial arts and other sports that require a steady grip on equipment or the floor.

Grip socks improve foot stability, reduce internal slippage and increase boot responsiveness

There are many different reasons why players wear grip socks. Performance reasons are the most common, but some are commercial as manufacturers strike up sponsorship deals with the players.

Research indicates that frictional properties between the sock and shoe interface limit in-shoe motion (Bogerd et al., 2012; Van Tiggelen et al., 2009). These effects could potentially improve agility and speed performance in team sports.

How Grip Socks Can Improve Your Athletic Performance and Prevent Injury

Grip socks may also improve change of direction performance in male team sports by reducing in-shoe foot displacement during the braking phase, with greater effects during a sharp turn manoeuvre. This may lead to faster and more efficient changes of direction during running, allowing the player to maintain their position over time.

During the slalom course, players wearing grip socks were faster than those wearing regular socks. This is because the sock’s increased static coefficient of friction allowed for faster braking and changed direction. However, there was no difference in the utilised friction between the shoe-floor interface during the side cut or turn manoeuvres.

The results of this study suggest that wearing grip socks may improve agility and speed performance, but there is no evidence to indicate that they reduce the risk of blisters or plantar foot discomfort in players. This is because the sock’s increase in frictional properties did not increase the plantar pressures and shear forces that are associated with blisters and foot discomfort.

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