Top 5 Brands for Women’s Activewear

The right women’s activewear is the key to a successful workout routine. Made with ideal materials and featuring performance markers like breathability, stretch, and quick-drying, it will help your body stay comfortable and cool during and after your workout.

What leggings to avoid?

The most popular natural material in activewear, cotton is light, airy, and breathable. It also does not retain sweat or odors, so it’s great for yoga classes and other activities that don’t require much movement.

Polyester: Another popular synthetic fiber for women’s activewear, polyester is lightweight and has moisture-wicking capabilities. It’s also super durable and holds up well to wear and tear, so it’s a good option for high-impact activities like running or swimming.

Nylon: Another synthetic fabric, nylon is also popular for activewear because of its flexibility and stretch recovery. It’s not as breathable or moisture-wicking as polyester, but it is very durable and holds up to wear and tear without compromising comfort.

Girlfriend Collective: This brand is a favorite for two reasons: It’s sustainable and sizes range from XS to 6XL, making it the go-to place to shop for plus-sized women’s activewear. Its styles are made from recycled plastic water bottles and fishing nets, and they adhere to a full transparency policy.

Bandier: The boutique and e-commerce site is at the intersection of fashion and fitness, bringing a curated edit of incredibly chic activewear from a wide array of brands. Choose from a tight-knit edit of leggings, bike shorts and sports bras in a rainbow palette of colors and lengths.

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