What Is Car Detailing?

car detailing

Car detailing is a process of improving the look and condition of your car. Whether you are a prospective buyer or just a regular driver, a clean and detailed vehicle can help boost your resale value. The main objective of car detailing is to make your car’s exterior and interior surfaces look as good as new. This link https://detailingcanberra.com.au

There are many aspects of car detailing, including the cleaning, polishing and sealing

of the exterior and interior surfaces. Each aspect involves a multi-step process. It is important to follow the instructions carefully. You will also need to use special tools and materials.

Paint enhancement involves a series of steps that include wet-sanding, polishing and compounding. After the surface is smooth, a coating of wax is applied. This gives the paint a glossy sheen and protects it from the elements.

If you have a large number of small scratches and blemishes, you can ask your detailer to remove them for you. They will then polish and buff the area, restoring the paint’s shine.

The Importance of Car Waxing and Polishing

Another service offered by auto detailers is dent removal. Dents are a common defect that can be repaired by applying a patch or touchup paint. Alternatively, a professional can remove them using a special product.

Tires are another part of your vehicle that can accumulate dirt and grime. Using a special treatment, your detailer can remove the dirt and grease, leaving your tires looking like brand new.

Interior detailing is usually done by a specialist who works on your seats, door panels and carpets. Your detailer will use carpet shampoo and other specific products for different types of materials. He will also vacuum and wet-clean your upholstery and dashboard.

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