Roof Truss Steel

Roof truss steel is a structural component that carries the weight of the roof above. Unlike traditional structures, roof truss steel is extremely strong, even for structures that span 100 meters. It can also be manufactured using a robotic arm that has six axes and lasts up to three times longer than the industry standard. This arm has an innovative feature called BeamCut, which uses high-powered plasma to create the curved profile.

How far can a 2×4 truss span without support?

Steel trusses are used in many types of structures, such as airport terminals, sports stadiums, and aircraft hangers. They are a good choice for long spans and flexible space. Roof trusses can also be used as transfer structures. These structures are easy to install and do not require heavy machinery.

A roof truss is constructed of a series of connected elements called chords. These chords bear large axial loads and bending moments. Each member of a truss has two points in common, known as heel and joint. These points are connected by a nail plate, which is a galvanized steel plate punched with a nail pattern.

There are three basic types of steel truss. There are space frame trusses, lean-to trusses, and gable trusses. They are stocked in various sizes, ranging from 20′ to 40′ in width. They are also available in special-order sizes up to 60′. They are generally available in matte black finish.

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