Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Maryland

dual diagnosis treatment centers maryland

In addition to treating addiction, some dual diagnosis treatment centers in Maryland also treat mental illness. Many of these centers employ a holistic approach as well as evidence-based treatments. These methods may include meditation, yoga, and acupuncture. They also incorporate dialectical behavioral therapy and family therapy. They also offer social and emotional support to their clients.

How To Choose Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Maryland

Project Chesapeake is a dual diagnosis treatment center in Leonardtown, Maryland. It specializes in treating patients with mental health and substance abuse disorders. The Mountain Manor Treatment Center Outpatient/baltimore/frederick avenue also provides treatment services for those with mental disorders.

Choosing the right treatment for a dual diagnosis is crucial for the success of treatment. Behavioral therapy is the most effective way to address co-occurring disorders. These therapies can be delivered individually, in group sessions, or in a family environment. Behavioral therapy is especially effective for treating substance abuse and mental illness. While there are numerous dual diagnosis treatment centers maryland, it is important to find one that offers the type of treatment that is right for you.

Private Dual Diagnosis treatment centers often offer a more comprehensive program and a lower staff-to-client ratio than public treatment centers. Because these programs are privately run, they can provide more one-on-one counseling and therapy to their clients.

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